Slide Togetherness & Beyond. Life@2m : (noun) the awareness that we are not limited by our physical distance, but are defined by our resilience. Read More > Slide There’s an uncanny honesty in being raw. This freedom of raw emotions is the heart of our brand.
'We basic and we love it!'
Read more > Minimalist Design,
Endless Impact!
Slide What's your Life@2m story ? Seven billion eccentric hearts,
Paused at a two-meter distance.
But let it not shatter our hopes and dreams,
For together we are stronger!
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Featured Collection


Kindle Sleeves

Protection is important guys.

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Face Masks

To pass unrecognizable in front of known people and the obvious safety measure.

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Throw Pillows

What better way to make your couch or bed extra comfortable resulting in avoidable unproductivity.

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To get through espress-ially hard days and for par-teas.

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Bangalore Edition

Bangalore is a vibe, 'enuf said. So, to all our bros and machas, we've belted some psych designs for you. So what are you waiting for da, just buy it off.

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The U Factor

Life has its ups, plateaus, and downs. This has been particularly clear in this newly defined world. Thus Life@2m was formed to capture these emotions and experiences with the ‘U’ factor. The ‘U’ factor symbolizes the lows with a question mark, the plateaus with a semicolon, and the highs with an exclamation.

The ‘U’ factor symbolizes YOU.

Experience Life Beyond 2m

Discovering Innovative Ways to Stay Physically Motivated
What Does Life@2m Mean to Me? When quarantine first started, it was every introverts dream. No interactions, no one in your personal space, what more can one ask for! Of…
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The Realization that Small Talk Makes All the Difference at a Time Like This
What Does Life@2m Mean to Me? I’ve always welcomed social distance, if I’m being honest. I find myself comfortable in my own space and prefer smaller gatherings. More importantly, at…
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Striving for Academic Excellence from My Bedroom
What Does Life@2m Mean to Me? The quarantine made my life perform a barrel roll. Professionally, although my graduate school classes now take place online (instead of in the heart…
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